40th Birthday

You’re invited to Belinda’s Worldwide 40th Birthday!

**Thanks to the 47 people who’ve responded so far – you represent 15 countries across the world, and I’m thrilled to call you my friends! I am looking forward to seeing your photos and videos!**

I had planned to be overseas in Canada and Colombia with friends for my birthday this year, but as we all know, the global pandemic has meant passports are collecting dust..

And now Melbourne is in Stage 4 lockdown, so we can’t have dinner out anywhere.

Therefore, I thought it might be nice to have a worldwide birthday with all my friends and family, celebrating and enjoying a good night wherever you are!

Most everyone will know I love Spanish speaking countries – the people, culture, hospitality, language, food, and music, so my birthday party this year is Hispanic themed:

When: Thurs 27th August 2020

Where: in the comfort of your own home

What: Hispanic themed food and drink. Eg: from any of the 21 countries whose flags are listed above.

Food: make a dish/s as if you were bringing food to share at a physical in-person celebration – cook your specialty or try a new recipe! Anything from any of the countries in the image above would be great.

Quiz: prizes for those with the highest correct number of guesses for the almost 60 countries I’ve travelled to. Note: a country is not added to my tally unless I’ve left the airport. And if you add countries to the list that I haven’t been to, prizes will also be awarded for inspiration!

Gift: please send me a few photos of you and your fellow celebrate-ees on the night. I want to print everyone’s pictures to make a photo collage of all my friends and family around the world. Bonus points for also sending me a little video! 

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing about your dinner and seeing your photos and videos!

I love you all xo

Photos below are from the UK with my good friends Jo, Robyne and Leila (Lynsey, I don’t have a photo of you from this trip!) after I went to Spain in October 2019 – who knew that would be the last time my passports would be used in a while..?!


  1. Excellent idea!
    Perfect reason to have a good plate of nachos (not that I ever needed a reason 🙃).
    With everything going on in our world, celebrating a fellow travel bugs bday is a great way to celebrate life!

  2. Well I wish Your Uncle Al could cook as I don’t know any dishes but thinking cap is on..photos will tell if we make the party won’t they??!! 😁fantastic idea if you have a cook than can at least follow a recipe..I have the tendency to jump recipes and wonder why I started out with the correct grieviences and end with lacking many..we hope to party on with you all!! U/Al & A/Di

  3. I think it is a fantastic birthday idea. I love it Belinda . A good excuse to celebrate and try out a new recipe at the same time.

    1. Hey Chatto, Spaniards eat a lot of fish and seafood so add a glass of sangria to that and you’ll be right on track!

  4. Sounds great B, i will seek out a recipe or two I have never made before. I will enjoy reading about your travels to escape the monotony at the moment! Xxoo

    1. Excellent Inga! I look forward to seeing your spread on the night – and I hope my ramblings are helping escape the monotony 🙂

  5. Wow, what a fantastic idea, it will be a pleasure to share this moment with you with great happiness, thanks for the invitation. A kiss from the Brazilian friend.

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