Africa: Flight Over

  • > Well I’m back travelling again – you wont have heard much from me sinceNew Zealandbecause I haven’t had much time to write emails. Its just been the usual, work, gym, forensic classes, life drawing classes, and a trip to Tassie with Grandpa and a trip toPerththrown in as well. > > I changed work places from Werribee to Carlton, and on the day I left Werribee I was notified that I’d won some money in a Kodak photo competition, which made the day all the more exciting! > > I’d kept in touch with Cam, the rafting guide who I’d met in NZ – and in June he suggested I do a rafting trip down the Zambezi River in Zambia. Well it couldn’t have been better timing for a suggestion like that. I had my winning money in my pocket and hadn’t yet decided how to spend it. So I decided to go toAfrica. I’d already had a cruise booked for the South Pacific in September, and the dates for this rafting trip fit in perfectly with my leave. It was meant to be.
  • > > So June, July and August were pretty much spent organising my trip, and getting all the stuff I needed to go away. I had a birthday week of celebrations at the end of August, Darren and I had a joint party/drinks on the friday between our birthdays, more celebrations on the Monday before, and dinner on the actual day, Wednesday. And I flew out on Thursday night. I was feeling crap all day, probably because of all the late nights and lack of sleep, however as Dale suggested, it may be because I ‘got old’.. I’ll stick with the lack of sleep theory! > > I got on the plane to fly toSingaporeand was seated at in the very last row, right in front of the toilets. Eww, I could smell them immediately. Gross. It was the smell of those things they put in the boys toilets, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. > > I’d just made the baggage limits, though it wasn’t all my stuff. I had about 5kgs of books, pencils and toys for the orphans who I’m going to visit in Livingstone, so coming back I’ll be well under the limits.
  • > > The flight was going as per usual until the Indian guy sitting next to me decided to put his hand under my blanket and onto my leg while I was asleep. I woke up to feel his hand creeping between my legs. I was groggy but furious and suddenly no longer alseep. I yelled at him so as many people as possible on the plane heard me. Asshole. And then I punched him in the face, giving him a split lip. Bastard. Wish I’d broken his nose but was in too much shock to do anything else! And people wonder why I dont like Indians. Dirty, sleazy mongrels. I couldn’t exactly ask to move seats as the plane was full, so consequently I didn’t really go back to sleep after that. I couldn’t believe it. He said he was trying to ‘help me’ because I was sick and he was a doctor, which made me even more furious that he was so arrogant about it. Aggh, still makes me mad thinking about it now. Then he wouldn’t stop talking to me and leaning over my seat – until I told him I’d hit him again if he didn’t get out of my face and leave me alone. He continued to plead and say he wasn’t well and didn’t know what he was doing. Bullshit. Of course he did. Do not lie to me. And dont beg me when you are in the wrong. I will bury you for it.
  • > > Anyhow, we arrived atSingaporeairport and I was feeling even worse. Very little sleep combined with sitting next to him all flight had made me exhausted. The airport is huge and I managed to find a few couches/ lounge chairs that I could doze on for a few hours. I finally dragged myself up and took a free tour of the city but it was simply a bus that drove around and you got commentary for an hour and a half. No stops anywhere. I fell asleep, as had the old woman next to me. I’d occasionally wake up to take a photo of some land mark or such, then promply fall asleep again.
  • > > Upon returning to the airport, I decided to catch a train out to the zoo. I’d heard it was pretty good, so make the 1.5hour trek out there. I was disappointed. It was nice, but not spectacular. It was set in rainforest type surrounds, with animals as you walk around. Just like any other zoo. I thinkMelbournezoo is better. > > My cold and flu tablets had worn off and I didn’t have any more with me so I was starting to feel pretty crap again. I stopped at a major shopping centre for some dinner and a quick look around. Bad idea. It was worse than Highpoint on a bad night. Too many pushy, rude people, all bumping into you and not even stopping to give you a second glance. Paul was right when he said that asians just dont have any spacial awareness. Very true. And very annoying. And the shops I did look in weren’t any cheaper than I could buy stuff back home anyway. Again disappointing. I made my way back to the airport and almost wished I’d never left the airport in the first place. I nearly lost my bag on the train because we were packed in so tightly that when a few people went to get off the train my bag got caught up with them and I had to leave the train to make sure I didn’t lose it. Melbournians are actually quite orderly when it comes to trains and general social contact. I couldn’t believe how rude everyone was here. I’ve only gotJapanto compare in terms of asian countries, and the Japanese are nothing like this. They are nice, orderly and polite. I feel like I’ve doneSingaporeand wont be back.
  • > > Back at the airport I paid to have a shower and changed my money into US dollars in preparation forJohannesburg. Then sat and waited. And waited. I’ve been here since 6am and my flight is at 2am. 20 hours all up. Its a long time.. > > But hopefully I get some nice food on the plane, get to sit next to a nice girl, and get some much needed sleep. > > If you made it this far through my tirade, congratulations. I hadn’t planned on it being so long, but that’s how much can happen in 24 hours. > > Until next time, stay safe and dont let anyone mess with you! > > Bel xo > >

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