Cuba was a mix of old classic cars, cigars, rum and sunshine!  More to come when I have a better internet connection 🙂

That was the profound opening to the start of my post on Cuba in 2012. Unfortunately it was also the last post I wrote on the trip! Although I’d love to add something now, I struggle to make the time to write about current travels, let alone past ones, so all I can say about the remainder of this trip was that I made some wonderful friends as usual, most of whom I’m still in contact with:

* Omar and Tzitzi in LA

* Angiey Dadi in Cuba

* Nina, Sean, Lindsey, Rachael and Chris in the Cayman Islands

* Martin and Gabe in Jamaica

* Manu y Olivia, Irene, Helena, Jorge, Jana, Emilio y Miriam in Spain

The addition of Spain to this trip was a last minute decision that was well worth it – I went to Spanish school in Cadiz for one month. It was there I met more beautiful Spanish friends, and one amazing young lady Jana – who supremely outshone me at the school by already speaking a number of languages (German, English and Dutch) and who could read Latin and was now learning Spanish – you go girl!


  1. Got the itinerary, now for the updates!! Have a brilliant time and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Much love, Krystal.

    1. Thanks Krystal, I’m enjoying the warmer weather over here already, even if my time outside the airport has been limited thus far 😀

  2. Hi Bel

    Have a great trip (again). Send us a postcard to let me know how you are. Get your hair platted and drink lots of rum:)

    Have fun
    Ps is it a one way ticket?…

    1. Ha ha ha, Lyns, I couldn’t get into the USA with only a one way ticket :-p I may extend, but at this stage, who knows! I’m looking forward to a bed and a shower right now, but they’re both about another five hours away..

    2. Hey Lyns, I hope you finally got the post card I sent – albeit I’m checking a few too many weeks later. I contemplated a one way ticket, but not this time. Maybe next..!

    1. Thanks Jo Jo, I’ll post when I can – not sure how much internet access I’ll have over the next week though.. 🙂

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