My itinerary:

Click on the name of a country to read about my time there (links will be added as I travel through the countries):

Depart Melbourne: May 28th, stops in Dubai and Larnaca (Cyprus)

Malta: May 29th – June 3rd

Italy: June 3rd – 14th

Spain: June 14th – 27th

Portugal: June 27th – July 5th

France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands and Belgium: July 5th – August 4th

England and Wales, and Scotland: August 4th – 24th

Depart Glasgow: August 24th, stops in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur

Arrive Melbourne: August 26th – just in time for my birthday!


  1. I note you have left off the interstate trips with VPPC. Are you trying to hide something.

    The senior twin.

  2. Hi Belinda,
    It is great to know that you are enjoying the weather in Sunny Warm Malta, and catching up with your ‘relatives’. travel safe and have fun !!!!! Cant wait for some Europe travel stories……..

  3. Thanks Mum,

    I’m half out my third floor window to get this internet access, so will post the next update soon!

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