I’m Belinda..

My love of travel began when I was 14 years old and I flew to Japan for six weeks over December and January, encompassing Christmas, New Years Eve and my long school holidays. After that trip I didn’t do much in the way of overseas travel again until I was in my late 20s – since then however, I’ve made up for it in a big way and have been travelling every years since 2008, with an overseas trip ever year since 2011.

Usually I go away in the winter in Australia, between about April and October (yes, winter is getting longer each year), because I really dislike the cold weather. I belong in summer (contrary to being born in winter!), and I can usually be found in the Northern Hemisphere during winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

I travel by way of hostel, borrowed couch and room sharing; navigating an organic network of generosity and open hearts, every stop an opportunity for connections with wonderful local people, a warm welcome to the intimate details of their home lives, and an open door to rich cultural experiences that you don’t often find on group tours or in hotels.

This blog is a record of many of my journeys and connections with friends around the world.