I’m Belinda..

Belinda Jane 

My love of travel began when I was 14 years old and I flew to Japan for six weeks over December and January, encompassing Christmas, New Years Eve and my long school holidays. After that trip I didn’t do much in the way of overseas travel again until I was in my late 20s – since then however, I’ve made up for it in a big way and have been travelling every years since 2008, with an overseas trip ever year since 2011. Usually I go away in the winter in Australia, between about April and October (yes, winter is getting longer each year), because I really dislike the cold weather. I belong in summer (contrary to being born in winter!), and I can usually be found in the Northern Hemisphere during winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

My travels are based around people and places, and doing everything as closely to how the locals would live – and by that I mean buying food from the supermarket, taking public transport to get around, and couch surfing or staying in hostels rather than hotels. I usually purchase one way tickets wherever I go, and I stay flexible with my dates so I can get the best prices possible.

I’ve been to 54 countries on six continents thus far.. I’d like to visit another 46 in my lifetime, to make a total of 100. To make a country count, I’ve left the airport and most likely stayed at least one night in the area – some places it was just an extended stop in a city between flights, or travelling between places and airports. Perhaps the trips in future will be with someone, perhaps not. Sometimes I think it would be nice to travel with someone to share all the funny, crazy and tiresome times with, and other times I know it’s good to be on my own when I travel because I learn more, and I’m sure I meet more people than I would if I was with someone else. Here’s a map and list of all the countries I’ve been to:

The image below is a visual representation of all my travels, and is linked to a travel site with an interactive map – you can zoom in and look in detail at each of the stops on every one of my overseas trips.

Feel free to leave a comment on the site – I’ll be pleased to help out and answer any questions you have – and enjoy reading about my travels on the following pages.. and if you have a LinkedIn profile and want to see the sorts of jobs I have and work I do between my travels, visit my profile here. Happy reading!