NZ Days 13-16

Hi again,

Well the trip is winding down now, getting to the end of the fun and starting to think about reality and work etc..  I forgot one thing in the last email – we got bogged. Driving back from Fox Glacier, we stopped at a little town called Haast, and decided to go for a little sunbake to break up the drive and enjoy the sun (and keep my tan, of course!). Lynsey was driving, and chose a little gravel road that we thought lead to the river. It seemed ok, until the road dipped and disappeared into a massive puddle. When she tried to reverse back up the hill the wheels spun and spun – I yelled stop and my heart sunk. The van was bogged. Cr*p! I jumped out and looked for planks of wood – or anything that we could use to get us out. Lynsey, having never had a car bogged before didn’t understand my desperation for the right type of plank. It was the closest we came to an argument thus far, I was thoroughly frustrated, and poor Lynsey was at a loss as to what to do. Long story short, we ended up having to walk back into town (about 1 km – so not too far but far enough for me to stew on it!) and ask for help. I was mostly annoyed at the having to ask for help bit, rather than the getting bogged bit. It was such a girly thing to do and I hated having to admit it and ask a guy to get us out. I made Lynsey ask at the garage at the service station because I was too embarrassed to. A guy there said he’d help and he did. For a small fee of $20. Ugggghhh! We laugh about it now, and I apologised to her later – for my pride getting in the way 🙂

Day 13 I had to myself as Lynsey went rafting again. I drove to a little town called Geraldine, bought some chocolate milk and chocolate bars for breakfast and had a look around. We were having drinks that night, there was a bucks party going rafting that day so they were keen for a few beverages in the evening and we thought we’d join them. Lynsey had never heard of, or had, a beer bong – so we introduced her. How funny. She doesn’t skull drinks so she did quite well. The bucks party had three girls along too – “stag-ettes” they called them – and they all thought Lynsey was great and she did do quite well. I went to bed soon after that, however I later heard that she did a second one too, but added Tia Maria to that one – ewww!

Day 14 was back to Christchurch for Bon Jovi!!! We found a pub for dinner and pre-concert drinks and as I jumped out of the car, wearing my denim skirt, two guys were walking past. They said “shizenhowzen” and when I looked at the one who spoke he said “I like your legs!”. What could I say to that but thanks?! I’m just hoping that the shizenhowzen is a compliment… Does anyone know?? We had dinner then headed to Bon Jovi. I had to line up for ages for a t-shirt but it was well worth it. We had corporate box seats and the show was AMAZING!! He was fantastic!! Loved it. He sung for 2.5 hours straight, included some of his new songs and some old classics and we had a ball. There were heaps of people there and it was an awesome night. So glad we got the tickets. We had been listening to Bon Jovi flat out for the last day or so, so we were fully Bon Jovi-ed up for the night. And it was well worth it!

Day 15 we had a bit of a look around Christchurch as I’d missed looking around last time and did a bit of shopping. Lynsey had woken me up that morning with a brain wave of what she could get for a tattoo. The whole trip we have been tossing up whether to get a piercing or a tattoo to remind us of this holiday and she decided that morning that it would be a tattoo. When I say woke me up I mean litterally woke me up. I was having a nice dream about something and I hear “Belinda – Belinda. Are you awake?” Well I was by then so I groaned groggily “Yeah..” to which she excitedly (and loudly) whispered “I know what I can get for my tattoo – three squares on the back of my neck!!” “That’s cool. Now let me go back to sleep” I replied. I hadn’t meant to quell her excitement, however I was still half asleep and didn’t quite comprehend the enormity of what she’d just said.

Lynsey hates pain, as I have since discovered. I didn’t think she would get a tattoo done. While we were shopping she asked around and found out where a good tattooist was located and off we headed. I still thought she’d chicken out. During the day I’d decided I’d also get a tattoo and the what and where came to me quite easily. Whilst over here I’ve fallen in love with the Tiki. Its a Maori figurine for good luck. Used to be carved out of Jade and was handed down in a family from generation to generation and is a symbol of good luck. I think he is so cute, in an ugly carved figurine kinda way. And I’ve always wanted a tattoo on the top of my foot. So that is where he went. I love it. And I’m no longer a tattoo virgin!!

When we arrived at the tattoo place, Lynsey jumped out of the car so quick and ran inside I didn’t know what happened. She later told me that she was wanting to get it done before she changed her mind! She made me laugh, with her insistence on getting it done, but she was still petrified at the same time. I had to stand in front of her so she could squeeze my hands and she nearly broke my skin with her nails! Ouch. But she got it done and was quite pleased about it. Then it was my turn, and as usual, I wasn’t worked up because I just dont think about things like that until they’re happening. I was fine, I had my foot up on the table and was amusing myself looking at all their awards – until the woman getting her leg tattooed next to me said “Is that your first tatoo?” “Yep” I replied. This woman had been laying there for the last hour and a half and it was a big tattoo she was getting done. She then said “You’re braver than me – getting that on your foot – it’s gonna hurt, on the bone!!” I then had a slight panic (internal of course) and said “Oh well, it’ll be right!”. She looked at me knowingly and just grinned. Sh!t!! She was right. It hurt like crazy and my foot did a small involuntary twitch or two, but I got it done. The best way to describe the pain is of hammering a nail into your foot over and over. And the after pain is like someone is rubbing a lemon grater over your foot and scraping your skin off :-p But I love it!

After the tattoos we headed north to Kaikoura. We had wanted to do a swim with dolphins but they were fully booked out, so we just had a look around. Parked near the beach for the night and I got up early to see the sun rise. I had set my alarm for 4.30am (thinking the sun might rise at 5 or so) but when I looked outside and it was still pitch black I went back to sleep until 6am. Where I got up and saw it. Beautiful. There were a few philosophical thoughts I had at that time of morning, but I’ll save those for another time.

Hope you’re all well,

You’ll get one more email from me when this trip is over..

Cheers, Bel xo

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