Transit in Dubai

I’m in Dubai and although I’ve only seen the Transit area that is huge enough – although not as opulent as I imagined – that might be for the arrivals and departures.  I slept 7 hours of the 14 hour flight here and have another 7 hour flight with a re-fueling stop in Larnaca (Cyprus) to go.

I am trying to avoid the ‘smoking rooms’ (really just designated areas) here in the transit lounge as the smell is everywhere and permeates everything – and you know how much I love the smell of cigarettes… I can also hear someone praying/wailing right now – tis an interesting environment for an airport!

Fingers crossed for another good flight with nice fellow passengers.  I sat next to a couple from NZ on the way here, which was appreciated considering I could have copped one of the four babies on board or the couple who were both over six foot tall!

Boarding has commenced so bring on the sunshine I say 🙂


  1. well just checking out your website!!! and if I can email you back efficiently, Looking forward to following your diary travels. Take care, love and prayers, Aunt Dixxxx

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