Travel Competition

2013 was a year consumed by travel for me – I entered a worldwide competition to win six months travelling around the world as a travel reporter for a growing company, and produced a three minute video on my favourite city as part of the entry criteria. I thought I had a good chance of winning (who enters a competition without a healthy attitude and belief that you’ll win?!), and went to great efforts to get my video out there and collect votes for my entry.

I was quite proud of my video (thanks to my sister Erin and brother Hayden for their many hours filming and editing with me), and my efforts in promoting my entry – I even managed to get it shown on the Big Screen at Federation Square!


Fed Square Promotion


Along with Erin and Hayden, huge thanks were especially owed to Marie, Sven and Rohan who I lived with during the competition craze, Hannah who voted for my entry too many times to count, and Monica, Lisa and Jen who came to promote my entry at Fed Square. Marie helped me make the t-shirts we wore, and everyone was a fantastic support encouraging people to vote on the spot via the QR code I’d made and printed on the t-shirts and voting slips.


Bel at Fed Square


Here’s my official competition entry video:



And for a laugh, Hayden and I made a Blooper video from all the edits and parts we’d had to cut from the competition entry:



As it turned out, I didn’t win the competition, in fact, I didn’t even get into the finals – which was a huge shock to me and also to some of the other entrants who knew how much effort I’d put into my entry.

This was the first time I’d really put myself out in public in this magnitude, I was devastated, and promptly took my videos offline. I had already planned a trip that was to come before the competition final, and now that I was no longer in the running, it was an easy decision to prolong my own travels.

As the image shows on the home page, my trip became the most epic one I’ve taken yet, with many new countries added to my list of places visited. Crossing back and forth across the globe, it was only as I headed back to Australia that I realised I’d been to six of the seven continents in 17 weeks, and Antarctica / The Arctic were the only ones I’d not touched on. If I’d realised that before booking my final tickets it may have been a different story..!

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